Feed Change on 5/1/2015

I have been using Feedburner since before Google bought it to save bandwidth and for some nice high level statistics on subscribers. This service has not been updated pretty much since Google bought it, to the point where it breaks if the source file for any given feed it wraps is encrypted, an increasingly common practice for web pages and resources, it breaks. I’d like to move off of Feedburner before the next breakage or Google ultimately shuts it down.

I have updated all the feed links for this site and for the podcast. I will be deleting my Feedburner feeds at the end of the month. Deleting a feed can be done with a permanent redirect. The redirect means you should not have to do anything in order to continue to receive episodes and posts. However, technology frequently doesn’t work as we’d like. If you are an active subscriber, you may want to change over your feeds, now, to avoid any possible problem.

To make things easier, here are all my feed URLs, so you can just copy and paste as needed:

  • https://thecommandline.net/feed/ – The feed for this site, includes blog posts and podcast episodes both. I recommend this feed if you want everything.
  • https://thecommandline.net/cmdln – The feed for the podcast in MP3 format. If all you want is the podcast and you are not sure about what kinds of audio your device or software supports, I recommend this feed.
  • https://thecommandline.net/cmdln_free – The feed for the podcast in Ogg Vorbis format. This audio format is patent and royalty free, if you are a support of free software and open source, I recommend this feed. It should work well on any Android devices and Linux software but your mileage may vary with Google and Apple devices and software.

For iTunes subscribers, I have taken advantage of their support for updating feed locations so you shouldn’t have to do anything.

I will make this post sticky for the next few weeks in case you miss the change over and come to the web site looking for an explanation of what has changed or broken.

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