TCLP 2015-02-01 If It Sounds Right and My Site Has a POSSE

This is an episode of The Command Line Podcast.

One of My GuitarsIn this episode, I share another essay, this time also from the web site, on the the interplay of critical judgement and skill.

Following up on a promise to myself towards the end of last year, I extemporize for the latter half of the show. I hope that by allowing myself to just speak with little or no preparation on a subject, I will make it easier to get more shows out in a given year. I decided the work I’ve done exploring this concept of POSSE, or Post Own Site and Syndicate Everywhere, would be interesting to discuss, in particular responding to some mild criticism and clarifying why I find what I have set up so useful.

I wrote two posts covering more technical details of what I am using, here and here. You can view my lifestream category on this site, or the same category on my new site, to see how this is all working for me. I have to once again give Dave Slusher credit for getting my thinking about this idea and for sharing how he has implemented it. Once again, you can subscribe to the links I curate throughout the week from my own aggregator.

You can grab the flac encoded audio from the Internet Archive.

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