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  1. Luck! (You did not specify the variety of luck to be wished…)

    The only issue you might run into is that I think Kubuntu tends to be behind the current releases. There was an article a few days ago with someone complaining about Plasma 5/Frameworks issues on Kubuntu, but as I recall they were all the way back on Frameworks 5.2 and Plasma 5.0.something (I think). The current versions are 5.6.0 and 5.1.2, respectively (with Plasma 5.2 in beta right now).

    I’m on the current versions (on Arch) and so far haven’t seen any of the few issues that I’d previously had with older releases. The only complaint I have left at this point is that there’s not yet a KF5-native kdetelepathy “presence” widget that I know of, so I have to run the “IM Contacts” thing minimized instead.
    (I’d also like to see more of the KDE4 applications showing up as KDE Frameworks 5 “native” versions, but since the KDE4 applications are still working fine otherwise it hasn’t bothered me much).

    1. All apt-cache madison says is 5:84ubuntu8 and that it is from the Ubuntu repos, say, yeah, I am guessing I installed something a little older. It definitely seems less polished than I was expecting based on an article about Plasma 5.2. It was a lark, so we’ll see. I might be able to dig out a PPA that tracks more current but initially I just followed the instructions for the tech preview that came with Kubuntu 14.10.

  2. If you’re exploring new environments, take a look at SailfishOS. I just stuck it on an old nexus 5. It’s more linuxy than android under the hood, though I haven’t quite figured out how to take advantage of that yet.

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