Don’t forget you live in a region filled with opportunities, and you have met so many people in the last few years, you should continue to share with them your recent experiences. You made an impression on them. Sometimes the kind of job people look for is being a dynamic part of the team, rather than a star craftsman; or being a problem solver who likes working with people but knows he is more valuable directing half time rather than solving all the minor problems. There are things you are comfortable and enthusiastic about, try and match that with places that have a culture that you can work with. So–denying job prospects is a good thing. Job interviews should not be about proving you know everthing or your capability, but interviewing the job providers for what kind future and culture they are striving for. Presently I’m working for a place that does profit sharing but I’m not eligible for stock. Stock? Wow, I’ve been granted a lot of negative value stock. You’ve already seen workplace anti-patterns. These are all things that you can have powerful opinions on.