Warm Up to Ending My Podcast Hiatus

Posted by Thomas Gideon on 5 October 2013

I am planning a state of the podcast episode to end my current hiatus. I may get that out this week but more realistically it will be next week.

To say I have been stressed at work is a massive understatement. I am not in the habit of discussing my work life in any specific detail, choosing at most to use it as inspiration for discussing broader themes when I am working on a piece that relates to various elements of the profession of programming. I'll honor that precedent by sparing you the details of my current stress.

Suffice it to say I am working to finding a new balance between my day job and everything else. That includes evolving the focus and frequency of the podcast. I'll get into more detail in that return from hiatus episode and if I am feeling ambitious a companion blog post.

In the meantime, I am still here, committed to continuing the various explorations I started with this web site and the podcast over eight years ago. You may have noticed a foreshadowing of some changes to come. I have broken with my daily blogging habit.

Posting a round up of news links, increasingly without even minimal comment, has ended. I am still scanning and reading just as much but felt that the daily posts had shifted from keeping me engaged with news of the day to a rote obligation.

One promise I made myself at the outset is I would never do anything here solely out of a sense of obligation. I started writing and recording as a tool for self discovery and self improvement. I still feel a strong need for that but am reflecting on exactly what that means over a quarter of a decade on.

So hopefully I'll have some preliminary but better formed thoughts on that very question, and soon.