No Podcast for the Week of 2013-06-17

I once again fell victim to not having a plan “b”. And wanting to spend my Father’s Day yesterday with my kids watching a brainless, Summer fun movie. More the latter than the former.

At all events, I will be working to re-schedule the next time I can catch up with Dr. Pamela Gay, hopefully later this week. Regardless, I have a plan “b” for next week. Actually a couple of possibilities if the chat with Dr. Gay doesn’t happen in time for the necessary editing and mastering.

Also I am hoping I can find some time to pull together the first of two special episodes for Tweet the Debates that I mentioned in the show last week. I probably have two back-to-back nights of editing and recording, respectively, so expect something maybe latter half of this week.

Finally, if you absolutely cannot go a week without hearing my voice, the latest episode of my other podcast went out over the weekend.

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