Balticon 47 Schedule – Update (again)

Update: When I first posted this, the LLF live show was listed as ten PM on Saturday. It is in fact two hours later, at midnight Saturday.

Update 2: Listening to the new media track coordinator, it sounds like I have been added to the audio tips and tricks panel on Saturday night.

After an initial delay, I finally received my invite as a participant at Balticon 47, coming up in a week. (Mad thanks to Patrick Scaffido for getting this sorted so quickly despite a late start and short notice.) I know the podcast has been a bit sparse of late (and likely to remain so this coming week) but this will be a good chance to stock pile some panel recordings for sharing over the coming weeks.

This will be my seventh Balticon as a participant. I first attended 41 which I believe was the second year the convention included a new media track with podcasters, webcomic artists, and other peer media producers and creators. Despite the usual chaos that goes with a volunteer run convention of this size, it is a highlight of the year for me and the only science fiction convention I still regularly attend after all these years (not in small part because it is near by and hence much more affordable.)

I am very much looking forward to the convention, not in the least because I decided to take this coming week off from work to relax and prepare. Even though not all the friends I had hoped to see will be able to make it, many people I only see at gatherings like these will be there. I am very excited to spend a long weekend hanging out with some of the smartest and most interesting people I know, many of whom I will be fortunate enough to get to do some of that on mic. I will be sharing those recordings with all of you and with the listeners of my other podcast, theĀ Libation Liberation Front, that I do with my good friend John Taylor Williams.

Anyway, here is my schedule for Balticon 47 (to the best of my knowledge, ping me once I get there for updates):

Saturday, May 25
09:00 Producing Your Podcast
18:00 Peer Media, Copyright and You
23:00 Audio Production Tips and Tricks
00:00 Libation Liberation Front live show!

Sunday, May 26th
12:00 Disasterpiece Theatre
13:00 Talk to Me: How To Conduct Podcast Interviews

There is a reprise of my usual discussion of copyright, a first for me in the form of one of my podcasts recorded live (John and I are conspiring on ideas for making that teh awesome), and a guest appearance on a live recording of a ridculously fun and funny show, Alex White’s and Stephen Granade’s Disasterpiece Theatre.

Lots to look forward to–hope to see you there!

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