No Podcast for the Week of 2/25/2013

I am under multiple deadlines at work through the middle of this week. I alternated this weekend between stress mitigation and some light work towards one of those deadlines. To top things off, I have plans for this evening that would require a delay, at least, in putting out this week’s podcast.

There is a more than zero chance I may have to re-schedule next week’s podcast, as well, as I have a volunteer gig next week on Monday and Tuesday and a lightning talk on Friday. The slides for the latter are due on Tuesday and once I have those turned in, I will be practicing the talk daily until I give it as well as trying to eke out time to get my talk for NorthEast Linux Fest assembled.

So fair warning that until I return from Boston mid-March, the podcast is likely to be a bit spotty. You may have already noticed the impact on the blog.

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