Petition Asks White House to De-criminalize DDoS Attacks As Social Protest

I thought from the headline this might be a more wide ranging consideration of free speech and legal theory. According to Adam Popescu at ReadWrite it is actually about a very specific petition to the White House catalyzed by Anonymous to de-criminalize DDoS attacks. I am not sure I agree with this in practice as appealing as it is in spirit. I keeping coming back to what several activists who have been imprisoned point out, that there is no digital entity correspondingly at risk of imprisonment and personifying the issues being protested as such.

Adam does include some quotes from folks in the world of hacktivism, including Asher Wolf who rates the petitions chances at nil and Dan Kaminsky:

Security expert Dan Kaminsky says that while he wouldn’t sign the petition, he thinks the attempt is far from silly or naive. Kaminsky indicated that while the petition may be misguided, the idea of creating legitimate forms of online protest in the heavily guarded online world are needed.

“People are going to figure out how protest works in a system that has gotten very good at suppressing protest,” Kaminsky said. “I see where they’re coming from… I understand the desire.”

I think that is about right, if not this form than another will be found that works, legally as well as practically, and much more likely sooner rather than later.

DDoS Attacks As Social Protest, ReadWrite

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