In Case the DC Storm Isn’t National or International News

A storm just about literally blew out of nowhere Friday night. We usually have enough warning to consider whether the aging and clearly ailing grid in and around the greater Washington, DC metro area is going to be a problem and plan accordingly. It seems like shortly after realizing a large swath of West Virginia had been blacked out, our area was beset by what can genuinely be described as the wrath of Nature (capital “N” indeed.)

We lost power late in the evening, an event that caught us largely by surprise. I had just started the activiation on a brand new smart phone, including porting my number and only just the morning was finally able to get a data connection long enough to complete the activation. To say we were offline, in the dark, and sweltering is putting it mildly.

The worst part? Our power company, Pepco, is predicting that 90% restoration (not even 100%) will happen by late Friday night, as in 11PM or midnight. Given the state of the power lines in our neighborhood (not only are multiple lines down, at least three utility poles are snapped like twigs) I am fearing we’ll be among the last to recover power.

The silver lining is that our property escaped unscathed–no large branches on either car, no heavy debris smashed into our roof, everyone was safe and accounted for during and after the storm, including the pets. We are managing as well as can be expected given we cannot make use of the cooling shelters the county set up or any of the open, nearby hotels that still have vacancies because of our pets. A further silver lining is our sub-basement, partly finished which includes a guest bedroom, is mostly below ground level so root cellar cool still.

Needless to say, the podcast won’t be up, tonight, as I had no way to work on the notes over the weekend and once I leave the office, the only bandwidth I’ll have is what I can manage via the spotty cell coverage in my neighborhood with my MiFi and my new cell phone.

Even if the worst case comes to pass, I should have power in time for next week’s episode which I expect to be the news cast I missed this week.

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  1. Wow, my mother had a similar period in Florida after Hurricane Fran in 2005. Almost a week withouth electricity. Fortunately, it was getting into fall and temperatures were not at the peak of Florida summer. Stay cool, and drink lots of water!

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