Is Facebook that Desperate about Its Failed Email Service?

Casey Johnston at Ars Technica has the details of what to me seems like a pretty sleazy move. I have definitely confirmed that the “About” part of my profile now shows the email at the FB domain instead of my actual email. Worse, as reported, there is no way for a user to change this, to remove the FB email or give preference to any other address over it. I have been on the fence about deleting my Facebook account for some time. This may be the final straw.

Facebook forces all users over to e-mail addresses, Ars Technica

3 Replies to “Is Facebook that Desperate about Its Failed Email Service?”

  1. The Ars Technica article now states that it is possible to restore your original e-mail. I’m guessing the article changed, as I don’t expect that you would have misread it *that* badly.

    1. It was pointed out to me pretty quickly on Twitter the non-obvious and mis-labeled (Timeline? Not About or Bio or Contact?) way to turn off this change. Regardless, the main point stands, that once again Facebook has changed users settings without asking or even giving a heads up.

      1. Yup…I deleted my Facebook account months ago, and started blocking as many of their domains as I could find on most of my computers. I rarely regret it. I wish more people would move over to Google Plus, although people have pointed that it lacks a few functions that Facebook has.

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