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  • Neal Stephenson kickstarts realistic swordfighting game
    Cory at Boing Boing was one of many people to note Neal Stephenson’s Kickstarter for a realistic, movement controlled sword fighting game. With the popularity of motion controlled input, especially the Kinext, the timing of this feels right. Of course it also sounds like an idea directly from his latest book, REAMDE, minus the mapping layer to associate other forms of mechanical turk-like task work onto a hack-and-slash interface. For those unfamiliar with Stephenson, his fascination with realistic simulation games and sword fighting goes back some ways and both are deftly woven into much of his fiction.
  • Write Better CSS With ‘Idiomatic CSS’
    Scott Gilbertson writes on Webmonkey at Wired.com about the efforts of developer Nicolas Gallagher to help tame the often wooly stylesheets that large web sites and applications accumulate. In my former career I have had to wade through a great deal of CSS that really just end up collapsing under its own weight. Without idiomatic conventions, each developer would just hack in yet one more selector or class that was only an atom’s width different from some other bit of styling that it was impossible to uncover. I think every language should be judged by whether its developer community is able to gravitate towards a strong sense of shared idiom as I think that’s key to learning and success in the long run.
  • Researchers watch tiny living machines self-assemble, e! Science News
  • India to greenlight state-sponsored cyber attacks, The Register
  • Why MongoDB? It’s the developers, stupid, The Register
  • Researchers break record, keep quantum computing qubit alive for 3 minutes, ExtremeTech

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