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  • Internet Defense League Crafts ‘Bat Signal’ for the Web
    I saw this on PC Magazine via Groklaw NewsPicks and am actually a little concerned. I think netroots organization and action works best when there is a personal scale narrative. It is possible that a distributed, live badge like this could be an effective spur to action if it makes the concerns it signals relatable. I am increasingly convinced that is the key social ingredient that has to be present alongside the technology. I signed up so I can try it out, see for myself whether it will prove effective or more fodder for criticisms of clicktivism and slacktivism.
  • Lib-Ray: Non-DRM Open-Standards HD Video Format by Terry Hancock
    Another link from Groklaw’s NewsPicks, a project I have been following with interest for a while, even before this Kickstarter. I intend to pledge and hope that the idea of an open format for high definition media distribution catches on, at least amongst creator who embrace free culture if not more widely. I am *still* holding out against Blu-ray in my home because of its DRM and the even more worrying potential interactions between it and the rest of my media stack via the DRM in HDMI.
  • Should Websites Charge A Fee To Process Copyright Takedowns?
    I’ve long thought that one of the larger problems with the DMCA’s system of copyright takedown notices is how unbalanced it is in favor of the rights holder. enigmax at TorrentFreak doesn’t just explain some notional proposal but what one site is already doing as a consequence of being beyond US jurisdiction. Charging $50 a takedown may have angered the rights holder in this case but allowing ISPs and site operators to charge even a pittance could certainly help both slow down abusive and incorrect takedowns as well as perhaps entice more sites to be willing to act in good faith when approached. As enigmax explains, that cost and incentive issue is part of a still larger context being debated outside the US where takedown regimes are still struggling to be implemented.
  • TomTom Flames OpenStreetMap, Slashdot
  • The ‘Internet Underground Music Archive’ Rides Again, Webmonkey at Wired.com
  • Microsoft forbids class actions in new Windows licence, The Register
  • Rocker Fort Atlantic Releases New Album on Nintendo Cartridges, Underwire at Wired.com

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