Between Cons

Just a quick note as I take a breath between a conference and a convention.

Freedom to Connect was wonderful. I saw many of the speakers I admire, renewed acquaintances with a good number of my colleagues in the non-profit space and met many more I had not yet the opportunity to do so. The event was an interesting intersection for me of my new career and my years of volunteering. I did not attend or present but worked on the team of volunteers running A/V. It was a fun learning experience since I haven’t done as much video work with a good group of folks with a similar approach to volunteering to the one I adopt. I hope to have the chantce to be at this event, next year, in the same capacity, with the same crew.

This is a full week as I catch up with work that has racked up due to two days out of the office, on my feet. I am trying to keep up at least a minimum amount of blogging since I will undoubtedly be offline for much of the upcoming long weekend.

The convention I am anticipating is Balticon, about which I have already shared my schedule. Anxious as I am given my crazy schedule recently, I am trying to keep in mind a bit of advice that came from my Tai Chi teacher. He was speaking about the discipline and sacrifice that study demands but took a moment to urge us to recall what it is that brought us to the art in the first place. I think that is sage counsel for many other contexts, including both work and work-related events and, in this instance, my involvement in the podcasting annex of the science fiction convention circuit.

I am so very much looking forward to seeing so many of my friends, as much as I also enjoy the whirlwind that is volunteering and speaking at Balticon. If you are a reader or listener and are going to be there, come, find me and say hi.

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