Schedule for Balticon 46

It approached faster than I realized but it is now less than a week to the official start of programming for Balticon 46. I look forward to returning as a program recipient on the new media track. As far as I can tell, I am scheduled for five panels this year.

  • The Impact of Social Media on Politics
    Saturday, 9:00AM in D (I am assuming that is Salon D)
  • Copyright Update
    Saturday, noon in Chesapeake (the first time my copyright panel has been in the big room)
  • Art of Celebrity Interview for Podcasting
    Sunday, 9:00AM in Chesapeake
  • Home Brewing
    Sunday, 7:00PM in Chesapeake (also first time for this reprise panel in the big room)
  • Open Source Podcasting: From A to Z
    Sunday, 10:00PM in Derby

I still have not received any official confirmation of my schedule from the organizers. I will do my best to prepare, regardless.

We usually like to hold our room party, BYOBS (Bring Your Own Beer and Story) on Sunday night. This will be the third year we’ll be holding this gathering of home brewers and beer lovers at the convention. My dear friend and collaborator on the Living Proof Brew Cast, John Taylor Williams, and I have held this unofficial event as an extension of our participation on behalf of that podcast. Come and find either John or I for details of where and when we’ll hold BYOBS.

I will not be convening the FLOSS birds of a feather Friday night this year. I am simply too exhausted. But any of my listeners or fellows techs should stay tuned to my social media accounts for updates on where I can be found between panels and other events.

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