TCLP 2012-04-30 How This Hacker Sees Meritocracy

This is a feature cast, an episode of The Command Line Podcast.

This month, save for Balticon towards the end, should be pretty quiet.

Listener feedback this week was from Ralph looking for information on Commottion Wireless; Jon, ConFigures and Jim on the meaning of feeling your oats with relation to its original usage; Charles on the question of failure despite feeling your oats; and Daniel who was asking about a podcast on how I produce the podcast.

The hacker word of the week this week is foreground.

The feature this week is another monologue trying to bring to the surface my hackish assumptions, this time on how I see the suggestion of meritocracy in the FLOSS world.


View the detailed show notes online. You can grab the flac encoded audio from the Internet Archive.

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One Reply to “TCLP 2012-04-30 How This Hacker Sees Meritocracy”

  1. One final word on “feeling your oats”

    I take it that you have never jumped out of an airplane or willfully engaged in an action that requires physical chutzpah and an acceptance of imminent physical danger as part of your work environment.

    Failure in these instances could result in injury or possibly death, and it is only natural in these situations that such a weight of failure should weigh heavily on the performer of those actions.

    Chances are that you would not be able to step up and engage in these sorts of actions if you aren’t, “feeling your oats”

    Your examples were all predicated on a comfortable and very-forgiving work environment (and as such, I’m not sure you can fully dodge the socio-economic angle), which is itself an element of your own self-identified “community of skill”.

    I have my own thoughts on the maintenance and joining of “communities of skill”, apprenticeships and the like which I will eventually blog (I’m not asking for a plug or read), and I will spare saying anything more on it here.

    Good Show. I found it thought provoking.

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