No New Podcast Tonight

Sorry I failed to write this post earlier. I have been working on a deadline on the day job since over a week ago. I had to work over the weekend, as well, to finish the work on time. Coupled with some family commitments over the last couple of days, I didn’t have the necessary time to finish the writing and recording work for the latest feature cast.

If you really cannot go a week without hearing from me, the good news is I was just on an episode of the new podcast from my employer, The Sidebar (the RSS feed is here). I had a fantastic conversation with a colleague from New America, Constantin Kakaes, one of our Schwartz Fellows.

You can also hear me on the latest episode of the Living Proof brewcast with my regular co-host and the incredibly talented producer, John Taylor Williams. We recorded on an unusual night for us and were inspired to do so largely without a net, as it were.

Now that I have finished the work that kept me from this week’s episode, I should have the necessary time to finish the writing and recording work. The promised discussion of hackish assumptions around meritocracy should only be delayed a week, to this coming Monday.

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