You are always gracious, and empathetic and I wish I could say the same for ther interactions that I have in the online world, but in-so-far as my limited experiance, you seem to be the exception, and I wished your patience would be the norm, rest assured this has tried my patience as well. Yet, I derive great value from our dialogue.

I’m currently training to be a tradesman. Those of us who are in the trades have a much different take on “new” (internet related and “virtual”) technology. So what for you may be a matter of affection, is to those of us entering the trades at times conflicting with our livelyhoods.

So college educated though I may be, my 4 year degree, and my skills with “knowledge work”, research, and baseline proficiency with technology seemingly aren’t enough. It’s easy to calls us “Luddites”, after all that revolt was about jobs; yet, that in itself isn’t the issue.

In our own way we are engaging in what I thought all this “new” technology would be best at, dialogue. However, as both of us can attest this isn’t happening on a wider scale. The fact it hasn’t has and always has been my primary concern.

Both “tech” websites and “activist” organizations set up what are essentially broadcast channels and not are not intended to be outlets for civic engagement and dialogue (I’ve aready described what comes of attempting to do so on such sites, either the site owners suppress dissenting voices, or the chorus of “likers” might drum you out with shame or snark).

And in-so-far as they aren’t outlets for “common” dialogue these groups don’t have to write up an immediate response to dialogue in a bill (even if that is supposed to be what the internet is for). However, it is fairly easy to rebuff disagreeable language with an article or text (newspaper style, a day later) explaining why you disagree with it (Many such online orginzations simply put up “articles” that call for people to wholeheartedly accept their point of view and as such are devoid of explination (or even linkage to such explination!)).

To my mind, the EFF is to the Government what I am to your site similar. So as “Joe tradesman” it baffles me when those “defending technology” don’t use it in the manner they themselves endorse, for active dialogue. Rather they chose to revert to the old forms of politics (to which they are opposed) that are either pseudo-lobbiest, or simple opposition and poltical-base building. (To be fair the EFF does at least do Legal briefs, but the internet is supposed to be their bread and butter!)

(This dissonance is my source and motivation for examining the conflicting philosophies and seeking resolution of those conflicts that continue unaddressed despite the technology itself.)

So there-in is my critique of modern activists, and I do not intend this as any sort of personal attack, as I said earlier you are one of the few willing to engage in meaningful dialogue even as it puts great strain on yourself.

So I apologize if this has taxed your patience, bur rest assured that I do gain a great amount of value out of our interactions; however, it seems that the reciprical may not be true and for that I am sorry.

I would like to see your work and podcast contine.