Thank you for the additonal resources,

However you so quckly and unequvically jump to the conclusion that I am a supporter of the legislation. I am not, and I have never made any such claim.

I am not sure where you got that fact from other then perhaps to guess that very act of me questioning the methods of an orginization and group that you support somehow makes me a party to those you oppose. What conclusions am I supposed to draw here?

I think you, as other activists in the online world, are deeply confused by me and my position in American Life and politics. I am just a citizen who is naturally skeptical of ALL poltical players, and I don’t want to go down that road as to who is in fact the more correct poltically.

With that said I’m not sure how to respond to you as you have assumed that I am a supporter of the bill, and thus apparently the rest of my concerns (mostly the philosphical ones) need not be addressed.

I sense that I might be on your last nerves and if I am I wish that you would let me know, so that I can reassess my own engagement with you.

You voice a poltical interest and I am simply a citizen doing my due dilligence. Now as I have asked you before, if you don’t want me questioning or bothering you, then all you have to do is tell me and I will leave you be.

I hate to be so frank, but do you grasp where I am coming from?