You know I push for details whenever their is seemingly overt political positioning, and in a way this is also an outsiders view of the hacktivist community, that you can take as an honest opinon, or you may reject outright the choice is yours and of no concequence to me.

In a democracy, commenting and improving legislation is a must, and to this end I think the hacktivst community/ EFF have outright opposed one too many items to such a degree that I now question whether the EFF or the hacker community even understands or grasps the concept of democratic compromise.

I am reading that many people oppose the bill due to its “broad language”. Which that is fine, however, it is a bit duplicitious to oppose a bill that has “too broad language.”

After all, if a bill’s language is “too broad” then why not an offer more narrow language? Where’s the compromise? Where’s the willingness to acknowledge that that bill was crafted for a reason, and that reason is a valid one? (or as I suspect this is a broader unaddressed philosophical divde, despite my own limited efforts)

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the EFF’s idea, regardless of the finer points of contention they simply want to oppose the bill, and crowdsource their own opposition.

At what point will the EFF and by extension the hacker community come to the realization that, if they want to contribute to the laws of the larger society, then, they must engage with issues that they have traditionally opposed outright?

Hacktivists love to point to the mess of the legislature yet they also, like many other poltical groups in this day and age, fail to soften their own poltical hard-line (us vs them) approch.

I’ve have tried my best (and suffered the consequences (social beratings/ snarkings/ bannings etc)) to makes these realities known to those in said communites, yet as is apparent by the unwillingness of such groups like the EFF to either offer alternatives or to speak to compromise I think that we are about to go through another one of these round-about vapid politicking, and dialogue will fail to open yet agian.

Really, who cares who “wins” either way the community has lost an opportunity to make a reasonable and lasting contribution through actual engagement with the language of that issue.

Then again god-forbid anyone one the internet for disagreeing with the EFF.

OK, I’m ready for the snark filled diatribes against my person for, “not getting it.” In the end it doesn’t matter, I’ve had my say and I can only hope that I won’t get banned or blocked for mentioning here.