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  • Jack Tramiel Remembered: The Legacy of the Commodore Founder and PC Pioneer
    Scott M. Fulton, III writing for ReadWriteWeb was the first in my feeds I saw to report the passing of personal computing pioneer and founder of Commodore, Jack Tramiel. Despite the sad occasion for it, Fulton shares an accessible and surprisngly in depth history of the computer, the business and the man. Well worth the read for geeks of a certain age, such as myself, or to share with a generation that will really only ever know these systems via emulation and what is rapidly transforming more into folklore than history.
  • Computer scientist leads the way to the next revolution in artificial intelligence
    Science Daily has a pretty clear description of some surprising research from computer scientist Hava Siegelmann of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The theoretical work in question dates back from 1993, the subsequent effort under way now is attempting to implement this “Super-Turing” computation into practical form. I can’t tell if this is an incremental or revolutionary leap forward but it seems to be part of the trajectory of artificial neural networks, one of the more promising sub-disciplines of machine intelligence. The article includes a fine and important distinction, that the machine in question trades off the sort of brute, mechanical calculation for which we rely on classical Turing machines in its quest to produce a more general reasoning intelligence that could have a wide variety of complementary applications.
  • Demoscene: 64k Intros At Revision Demoparty
    Slashdot reminds us that the hackerly pastime of bumming code, of squeezing as much effect out of as little code as possible is very much alive despite the ever increasing capacities for computation invading ever widget around us. They point to a recent event from the demo scene that also embodies a certain ethos of constrained creativity, producing noteworthy examples that astonish despite coming in under 64kb in compiled form.
  • World Bank stakes leadership position by announcing Open Access Policy and launching Open Knowledge Repository under Creative Commons, Creative Commons
  • Copper-Graphene Nanocomposite Cools Electronics Faster & Cheaper, Slashdot
  • CISPA is SOPA 2.0: petition to stop it, Boing Boing

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