TCLP 2012-03-19 Andrea’s Linux Switch

This is a feature cast, an episode of The Command Line Podcast.

In the intro, a quick explanation of the shift from releasing the podcast on Sunday to releasing it on Monday.

Listener feedback this week is from Dave, who recommended pymazon; John who shared some excellent thoughts on efficiency and geek fatigue; and Paul, who recommended virtualization as a hedge against the cost of recovery from failed upgrades and experiments.

The feature this week is a conversation with my wife, Andrea, about her experiences in her own words switching back to Linux. Andrea has been on the podcast before though not in quite some time. If the mention of her hobbies interests you, I highly recommend you check out her blog.


View the detailed show notes online. You can grab the flac encoded audio from the Internet Archive.

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3 Replies to “TCLP 2012-03-19 Andrea’s Linux Switch”

  1. Hi, I’m a new listener and I just want to thank Andrea and you for this great episode. Very interesting interview in order to see a different point of view from a “normal” user.


  • Cirrus McMinor

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