Moving Podcast Posting to Monday

Shortly after reducing my podcast production from twice a week to once a week, I started an additional Tai Chi class on Sunday. I already was attending two classes in the morning, one hour each but one right after the other. If the new class was right after the other two, that would have been ideal for my podcast production schedule. Alas, since this particular class is of interest to a much more geographically dispersed set of students, the teacher understandably scheduled it for later in the day to allow for travel time.

I have been struggling since starting this new class to balance the podcast with it and my other weekend activities. More than I care to admit, my Tai Chi practice has suffered as I have ended up skipping several days of classes to keep up with the podcast and other demands.

I’ve been thinking about how to better balance my week so that everything doesn’t have to be done on the same day. Since moving to one podcast a week, my weeknights have been much more free, which I use either for after hours work-related activities, to keep up with writing for the podcast or to simply relax from my otherwise exhausting weekly routine.

It occurred to me today, as I was once again dreading trying to get some audio editing followed by the necessary recording complete before heading to my evening class that I was not being fair to myself. I had allowed my Sunday to become unsustainably packed with too many commitments. I realized that simply pushing back the day I record and release the podcast from Sunday to Monday would ease up the pressure to get everything done around my Tai Chi classes at the expense of re-committing one of my freed weeknights back to the podcast.

This week’s episode will go out tomorrow. From this week on, the regular release night for the podcast will then be Monday instead of Sunday.

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