Target of the Niche-est of Niche Evil Plans

When The Secret Lair’s Secretary of Aesthetic Engineering, Natalie, cartoon-ified me some time again, evil overlord (and dear friend) Chris Miller twigged that a mere icon was perhaps not the end of Natalie’s plansfor a notional version of me, hinting it may end up inhibiting the zany pictorial universe she has crafted for this fun website and podcast for the discerning connoisseur of geek culture.


This installment not only fulfills Chris’ and Natalie’s implied promise of an appearance of my cartoon avatar alongside the cartoon counterparts of the regular contributors but even directly uses text from an early episode of my own podcast.

Go visit The Secret Lair for more of this sort of humor as well as some incredibly discriminating and well crafted geekery about books, films, science, gaming and so much more.

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