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  • Rudy Rucker’s new imprint launches with his complete short stories
    Cory at BoingBoing linked to the news that cyberpunk pioneer and transrealist author, Rudy Rucker, has launched his own digital imprint. I have reviewed many of Rudy’s books on the podcast and even had the very great pleasure of interviewing him. My sole reservation is that there does not appear to be a clear DRM-free option. I would dearly love to purchase these titles for enjoyment on the Spark tablet I pre-ordered.
  • Gigabit Internet for $70: the unlikely success of California’s Sonic.net
    I had heard about the success of sonic.net before but Rob Pegroaro’s piece at Ars Technica on the small California ISP running fiber to the premises is still very much worth a read and further reflection. We clearly need to see more providers, even if they are small, local ones, adopting the ethos that has driven sonic.net to its success. Undoubtedly the large incumbents only tolerate this one counter example to the general poor value-for-price and customer services they offer because they are singular and small. It is worth thinking about how to reproduce and scale this approach in away that is harder for the larger providers to squelch using the external influences that come with market dominance.
  • Home-Brew and the DIY innovation movement
    Slashdot linked to this great Slate piece on the relationship between DIY, emerging technology and beer. I definitely concur that homebrewing is an excellent example of the DIY culture that more often invokes images of makers and hackers. Further, I would argue that homebrewers were among the earliest to embody principles of open sharing that also are now so prevalent in hardware tinkering and software. (Full disclosure: I work for one of the partners in the Future Tense program and have been helping out with the event for which this piece was written.)
  • Optical memory could ease Internet bottlenecks, Nature News & Comment via Slashdot
  • The Everything is a Remix theory of creativity, Boing Boing
  • Report: Open source software quality is better than proprietary software, The H Open Source: News and Features
  • Mozilla backs Facebook’s mobile web standards push, The Register

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