History of Copyright as Researched by a Web Comic Artist

If you are familiar with Wondermark then David Malki’s keen eye for interesting oddbits of history will come as no surprise. His interest in copyright is not surprising either as much of the artwork he uses comes from the public domain.

Both of these interests have clearly come together in a new post on his blog. It is the first of a promised series of historical research posts delving into the antecedents of modern debates around intellectual property. Malki provides further proof of what I’ve found to be true in my own historical research, than none of the arguments being leveled are really new. The forces–in the market, in policy and stemming from behavioral norms–have all existed pretty much since the birth of copyright.
Whether you are a copyright nerd, like me, or want to understand the broader context of SOPA/PIPA, Malki’s writings here are well worth a read. If you subscribe to Wondermark, you should see the promised next in the series too.

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