I follow, and am in accord for the most part. However, personally, I things are more far gone then people, especially tech people, realize.

There is a reason there is a coming “war on general computing,” (I tend to think this is slightly hyperbolic but there is no other identifier as of yet). The shiny newness of internet technology has worn off and there are more then just corporations who want a say in how we relate to this new technology. More and more I see my limited work as an outward symptom of this, technology has acheived widespread adoption and is now for more then just techies.

We are now witnessing the beginning of techies comeing to terms with “non-professional,” if still intelligent people asserting themselves within and around the new technologies, sharing their opinions on technology both through the government and with the new technology. I think if the SOPA debate has tought us anything its that there seems to be a third “middle” way to address the problem that should involve extensive discussions between the aggreived parties. After all what are governments for.

If anything tech types should be happy as this has been their stated goal all along, “democratizing of technology”. Why now advocates and experts suddenly see a looming apocalypse is both odd and troubling. And frankly trying to work out this massive disonance in my head, or on my blog generally gets leaves me with more questions then answers. (I worry to many are so distrustful of government that they don’t realize when it is actually working in their favor… but thats another issue) Which above all is why I enjoy your show as you avoid the trope of self-righteousness that is so common amongst so many internet advocates.