It isn’t that I do not acknowledge piracy, it is that I doubt there very much that can be done to curb it, outside of large scale commercial piracy where there are existing means to shut them down via appropriate police investigation and criminal prosecution.

The sort of counter example you cite is indeed troubling and I admit to not having a satisfying answer. I do try to highlight where creators are engaging with piracy of this type to their own advantage–coopting them into promoting their work, offering greater rewards behind the work itself in exchange for tangible support.

I agree with Tim O’Reilly’s assertion that piracy is a progressive tax on creators, I think there is an inherent limit on the returns for tackling piracy head on via measures like the DMCA, SOPA and PIPA.

I think understanding the reasons why pirates don’t and won’t pay is a more fruitful exercise, whether we are considering legal recourses, market responses or evolving norms.