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  • A smart phone that knows you’re angry
    As Duncan Graham-Rowe at Technology Review explains, what is novel in this prototype developed by Samsung is that it is essentially driven by software. Detecting the emotional state of the user doesn’t rely on any extra sensors rather using heuristics such as typing speed. The accuracy is fairly low but I think that’s the least concern. Despite an all software approach meaning this could be used in existing phones for more helpful interfaces, I suspect it could also make its way into advertising and other online spaces where it is more likely to end up a nuisance than of any help.
  • OLPC presents the XO-3 “$100 tablet”
    The H Open Source was one of several outlets with details from the demonstration of OLPC’s new tablet. I cannot help but feel this will be an also ran rather than a first of class innovation like the original XO that could be argued as the catalyst for the netbook category. Given the consistent emphasis by OLPC on education markets, especially in the developing world, I think the ability to customize the tablets is not going to help adoptiong except of course amongst developed world geeks interested in hacking on the devices, much like its predecessors.
  • The MakerBot Replicator(TM)
    Bruce Sterling in his Beyond The Beyond blog at Wired shares the announcement of Markebot’s latest 3D printer. The larger printing platform and dual print heads were shown off earlier in a demo unit but happy to see the features make their way into the product line. Bruce’s commentary is priceless and bang on, especially in terms of this being just another step, as exciting as it is on its own, in the evolution of consumer accessible additive manufacturing.
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