Out of interest I wonder at what “level” you understand your podcast to be “at.”

You cover a broad range of topics, in a fairly accessible manner. Are you attempting to generate conversation or are you simply desiring to lecture a subset? I realize you view me as a bit of a troll, and perhaps too attached to a subject that I don’t fully grasp; yet at times, this podcast seems to be aimed at any and all of curious types such as myself. This is the genesis of my question.

I, more frequently then I should, don’t fully grasp the jargon and concept of your podcast.

Often in conversations online I find myself being told, that I “just don’t get it.” in the technical sense. At the same time such intrigued individuals as myself find that we are treated as adversaries when our view are either differing or skeptical from the prevailing tech-geek baseline. I am worried that you, and the hacker community as a whole, nominally see people such as me and other, less technically-oriented online-types in this light.

So it is with all this in mind that I am wondering what “level” your podcast is “at”, who are you pushing hands with? And do you view such repeated inquires by the uninitiated, such as myself, as unwelcome, annoying, or not worthy of response?

I guess I am asking if someone of my lack of talent should bother to pay attention to your concerns, if you only intend them to be for a specific audience and not “all” of the public, even though your podcast is publically available and an open invitation for inquiries is at the end of every episode. If find the ambiguities confusing.