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  • 3D Printing, Teleporters and Wishes
    Anil Dash lays out a well reasoned list of hurdles before home scale 3D printing will take off. I think the comparison to the change from kit built, home brew PCs to the first pre-assembled computers is apt. He includes some excellent thought around prospective value added as well as challenges that existing only in potential, like the pit trap of unusable “management” software that makes basic 2D printing often quote maddening.
  • Sony sued over PSN ‘no suing’ provision
    Slashdot has links to the latest and the background on the story. Given how the Other OS class action suit was recently dismissed, I am not optmistic about the outcome for this one. Regardless, this new suit draws attention to Sony’s increasingly toxic relationship with its customers. Why on earth would you buy anything made by a company that thinks and acts this way?
  • Will America’s public domain treasures finally be freed?
    Cory at Boing Boing has a brief but good write up of an open letter co-written by one of my personal mentors, Carl Malamud. He and John Podesta are urging the White House to consider a Federal Scanning Commission to incorporate digitization directly into the activities of the government that result in public domain information. Of course, as a Master Scanner in the International Amateur Scanning League, a volunteer project created by Carl as part of FedFlix, I think this is a splendid idea! One of the biggest barriers to our volunteer efforts was just navigating a bureaucracy that didn’t have established rules and policies for handling what we were trying to do.

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