Following SOPA for the Week Ending 12/18/2011

I haven’t had much of a chance to write about SOPA and its companion in the Senate, PIPA, this week due to my heavy year end work load. Much has been going on, including a grueling House Judiciary Committee meeting that was incredibly well covered by the likes of Mike Masnick and EFF.

The short version of the most recent developments is that the proponents of the bill are increasingly drawing fire for pushing legislation despite mounting evidence that they are entirely ignorant of the technologies, markets and norms that will be most heavily impacted. The committee did not come to a vote at the end of the 11+ hour hearing but will be re-convening this coming Wednesday, which is an unusual rush given the time of year and that the rest of Congress is largely on the glide path to the end of the year.

Below are the handful of stories that caught my attention, covering just this past week of developments around SOPA.

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