Just a follow up:

Link to an article on slate on the rising “Geek lobby” , but what I find most interesting isn’t the article itself, but some of the push-back in the comment section. Many of those commenters (many of them claiming to be artists or filmmakers, most indie at that) are making much the same point I was earlier, that technologists as a whole aren’t “anti-corporate” so much just “anti-traditionalist”.

And perhaps before long, perhaps with the establishment of a well-to-do (middle class to upper-middle class at least) technologists we be witnessing the birth of a new sort of techno-conservative, around this new technology (indeed many commenters on slate put Sergy Brin, Zuckerberg, and the other tech giants into this category now) but there is no reason to not see this also as extending down into the information worker “mid-level”.

In fact I would go so far as to argue that many who still have jobs here in America are in these sorts of jobs, and from their self interests and demands for job security we will see this new conservatism grow.

For what those comments are worth and how they might inform the discussion, here’s the link: