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The EU Hackathon went incredibly well especially given it was the first time we ran this event. We garnered quite a bit of press attention and interest from members of the EU Parliament where our opening and closing ceremonies took place and who generally hosted a reception when everything was over. Several folks who attended have already asked about next year. The organizers (myself included) will probably need a little bit more time to recover before discussing plans for next year. I think I am not alone in my strong interest to hold this event again, to build on our successes form this year. A few interesting ideas have been suggested for ways to spread out the development work beyond just the one time and place of the hackathon, so stay tuned.

My trip to Brussels was fantastic. You can hear all four of my travelogues if you are interested. (On, day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4.) They make up just over an hour in total so I won’t push them into the feed. I definitely enjoyed the latter half of the trip most as I was able to spend more time with some friends and acquaintances, new and old alike, at some great spots in Brussels, in particular Moeder Lambic Fontainas. You can peruse all of my trip photos on Flickr.

While I seem to be handling my jet lag better than after returning from my Budapest trip, I am still not quite 100%. On top of hitting a wall partway through the evening after which I cannot keep my eyes open, my full schedule during the trip has me behind on my writing for the podcast.

I am going to push the news cast a week. I’ll prepare and record the next news cast a week from tonight, on the 20th, and get back to my regular schedule thereafter. I have a couple of ideas for the next feature and will make good use of the next two weeks pinning them down and fleshing one out to release it on the 27th.

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  1. That would still take time and effort I am not up to, just to stitch them together into a single bit of audio. Plus the subjects and the audio quality aren’t entirely consistent with the rest of the podcast. I prefer to leave them as a one off for anyone interested in them but not to push them into the feed even assembled into a single episode because of the differences.

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