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  • Open Hardware Journal launches
    Bruce Perens tipped off Slashdot about what sounds like a pretty fantastic publication for anyone interested in the small but growing movement towards open hardware. It isn’t the first journal of its kind released as an open publication, dedicated to open licensing but is certainly a welcome addition to the space. Hopefully it will help build more interest and momentum, maybe even attract more vendors towards considering openly sharing their designs.
  • UK cops using fake mobile phone tower to intercept calls, shut off phones
    Kim Zetter has technical details of a system apparently in use though none about how and when it has been deployed. Worse law enforcers in the US have something similar at their disposal. Clearly we need to worry not only about known censorious regimes but also about supposed open and free democracies. Owning our own mesh-based infrastructure would make these sorts of shenanigans a lot harder to get away with.
  • 2nd Life creator launches service for job sharing, co-working
    Jon Mitchell’s write up at ReadWriteWeb of Philip Rosedale’s latest offering reminds me strongly of Van Jones’ exhortation at SVHR last week that we need to embrace a sharing economy. I love the idea of routing around the failure of top-down stimulus to create jobs with a peer-oriented, bottom up approach like this.
  • Experiments in touch-oriented programming interfaces, Alarming Development
  • Rethinking the nature of files, Slashdot
  • Things that Turbo Pascal is smaller than, Slashdot

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