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  • Wikipedia warns on censorious proposal that could affect Italian version of the site
    Slashdot was the first to link to a page being presented to visitors to Wikipedia coming from Italy. It explains a law proposal that could make offering Wikipedia in that country prohibitively costly in terms of time and risk. Applying what looks like an ill conceived defamation rule to the crowd sourced encyclopedia may seem like a stretch but the site has often tracked breaking news due to the fervor of its editors. Wikipedia is also no stranger to claims of defamation. Regardless of the likelihood of the site being affected, I think they are making good use of an opportunity to draw attention to a bit of bad policy making.
  • Why we thrill to rise of the machines stories
    Matthew Lasar at Ars Technica has a wonderful consideration of the trope inspired by the writings of H.G. Wells that encompases a dystopian future wrought by the ever accelerating pace of change. Lasar puts Wells’ prescient thoughts on what seems rather trite to us now into a solid historical perspective. Well worth a read as he even treads on some weighty philosophical grounds approaching the very question of what it means to be rational and moral beings.
  • Giving prosthetics a sense of touch
    Technology Review covers some primate research at Duke University that points to a possible radical improvement in prosthetics by stepping towards an achievement that is a sort of holy grail for many kinds of mind-machine interfaces, not just prosthetics–two way communication. The fact that the work here started with control of a virtual avatar exemplifies my other thought, that such a system when fully realized would work equally well for virtual prosthetics, in an online gaming or social space, as it would for the real thing.
  • Europeans wanted for Europe-wide study of broadband performance, The Telegraph via Slashdot (and full disclosure, SamKnows makes use of servers that are part of Measurement Lab that I help maintain and support as part of my day job)
  • Iran blocks VPN ports, Stop Fundamentalism via Slashdot
  • Wikimedia awarded $3.6M grant for technology improvements, The H Open
  • Maintainers of public timezone database shut down access in wake of lawsuit, Techdirt

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