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  • More criticism of Google’s plans for a JavaScript replacement
    Ryan Paul at Ars Technica has a round up of the largely critical responses to Dart, including more from the memo to which Brendan Eich responded earlier in the week. Paul lays out a stronger, healthier picture of JavaScript evolutions, despite setbacks, in the last couple of years and contrasts that to the challenges a completely new language will face. Arguably Google has kneecapped their own efforts by developing this language completely on their own, behind closed doors as Paul puts it. Paul places Dart in the larger context of many more “not-invented-here” efforts undertaken by Google to optimize and improve the web, moves he feels represent a certain detachment on the part of the search giant from the rest of the Web standards and development community.
  • Ubuntu web site launched to encourage developers
    The H Open has news of a site launched by Canonical to support both new developers and those existing working on Linux for the first time, both specifically for the Ubuntu Linux distribution. I know there are those critical of some of Canonical’s agenda but I think their focus on supporting development, especially what they’ve termed opportunistic development, is worthwhile.
  • Cloaklet, zero-knowledge private messaging and file transfer system
    Cory at BoingBoing links to what could prove to be an interesting tool for the privacy conscious and those looking to access knowledge and communicate despite censorious regimes. Cory correctly points out that the sources will need scrutiny from those in the security field to determine whether the ambitious claims are justified. For now, despite the claimed similarities to anonymous remailers, to use Cloaklet you need to connect to the servers they provide. Being able to stand up independent servers will also be a strong proof of how secure and private the system truly is.
  • Developers upload their own game to The Pirate Bay, find doing so increases sales, Ubuntu Vibes via Slashdot
  • 9 MIT Media Lab ideas that are changing lives, or soon will, The Atlantic
  • Tablet-ready version of Firefox for Android released, Webmonkey at Wired
  • A moral argument for hard science fiction, Tor.com

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