Ohio Linux Fest 2011

Traveling to far flung Budapest for Transfabric followed by a jaunt to Columbus, Ohio to attend the Ohio Linux Fest may seem like an odd juxtaposition. In some ways it is, mostly in the obvious differences in the logistics of traveling to each. In other ways these two events are about many of the same kinds of themes. The funny thing is that I think the experiences I had in Eastern Europe may help me see the overlap, the familiar aspects of the coming event with some greater awareness.

I don’t expect Ohio Linux Fest to be as diverse as Transfabric but I am sure I will meet people coming to Linux from many different backgrounds and for many different reasons. One of the key personal lessons for me from Transfabric was realizing the extent and important of the differences around a common focus where it is often too easy to take for granted what motivates people to Make. At a Linux fest, focusing on a tool I use every single day of my life, it would be even easier to unknowingly have a blind spot filled in with my own assumptions and biases.

I count myself rather fortunate for being able to experience these two events back to back. The fact that I am now much more keenly aware of how short a short flight it will be to travel just a couple of states away, that I won’t have to carry my passport or exchange currency already puts me into a different state of mind approaching what would otherwise be a familiar, even a comfortable experience. Hopefully the much simpler nature of the trip itself will allow me to focus on paying more attention to those things I take for granted in the Linux community.

I have no set schedule for the fest, just following my interest. I hope to be able to maybe capture an interview or two but haven’t had time to approach anyone ahead of time. At a minimum I expect to be able to do some networking that will bear fruit as future interviews and segments for the podcast.

Last but probably most important I know that some listeners and readers will be in attendance at Ohio Linux Fest. If you haven’t already, send me an email. I will be getting in Thursday night and leaving Sunday night so there should be plenty of time to meet with anyone interested in doing so. I haven’t signed up for any of the goings on Sunday and don’t have to be at the airport until later so maybe if there is enough interest we can pull together an ad hoc meet up over lunch.

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