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  • Understanding the stalwart majority of workers in a firm
    I know this made the rounds a while back but I am only now getting a chance to read it and wanted to comment. Cory at Boing Boing linked to this Harvard Business Review piece that really resonates with my own professional experience of the last handful of years. It also mirrors phenomenon I see in the realm of advocacy, that there are the quiet folks who champion their passion just by doing rather than through gravitating to extremes of values and actions. I wish the piece had spent a little more time considering mobility within the somewhat limited plain framing the discussion rather than the one example of former Stars often becoming Stalwarts.
  • Experimental defense for website traffic fingerprinting
    From the Tor project blog, an excellent discussion of some new research in finally effectively applying a one ended correlation attack against the Tor network. Since it is one ended, though, there are apparently defenses that are practical here to help foil traffic finger printing that are not as useful against end-to-end correlation, a much more problematic attack. The researchers themselves include some techniques that were shown to foil correlations, some of which could be put together as simply as in a browser extension.
  • Cosmo, a C#-based operating system
    As much as I think understanding the tasks for which tools are well suited is useful, I think it is just as useful to put them to other purposes to better understand their capabilities. Thinking increasingly in this vein has helped me find peace with just about everything imaginable being implemented in JavaScript. And now I can muster that same sanguine take on using C# for systems development, specifically for an operating system. I’ve always understood it to be pretty close to C++ with the adoption of a certain amount of dynamism and reflection so don’t find it too terribly strange other than the cultural habit, justified or not, of using C for more demanding systems work.
  • Smallest motor is a single molecule, BBC
  • NSA proposes Accumulo NoSQL database to Apache, The H Open
  • Linux kernel temporarily moves to github, Slashdot
  • Fake certificates may have been used to spy on users in Iran, BBC

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