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Back to a bit of regularly scheduled blogging as I wait to see if my re-scheduled flight to Hungary on Monday survives the storm or is canceled like the original one for tomorrow and the 2nd attempt for Sunday.

  • Mozilla launches a new API aimed at freeing apps from vendor lock-in
    Joe Brockmeier wrote a solid piece at ReadWriteWeb explaining another arrow in Mozilla’s recently volley to hopefully grow support for open web technologies in spaces where closed systems normally dominate. Complementing Boot to Gecko and the Internet Life Platform, the idea behind the new WebAPI is to even out the experience of writing mobile web applications across multiple vendors’ platforms regardless of differences in support and implementations.
  • Dangerous cybercrime treaty pushes surveillance and secrecy worldwide
    Katitza Rodriguez at EFF shares the details of a bit of policy laundering via treaty that is as worrisome as similar efforts in the IP space, like ACTA and TPP, but with potentially far more worrying ramifications for individual folks. The biggest issue is the swapping of constitutional oversight with gag orders and secrecy. Even worse, Australia and Canada are already moving forward bills that implement the flawed aspects of the treaty.
  • Slashdot founder announces he will move on
    My favorite theory around the timing of this is that Steve Jobs is CmdrTaco’s secret alter ego although for me personally Slashdot has been a far larger fixture of my geekish pursuits over the last couple of decades. I dearly hope that Slashdot doesn’t change too much in the future as I rely rather heavily on its strong editorial character in helping me make sense of the daily barrage of technology news stories.
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  • First fully strethcable OLED, Technology Review

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