This Week’s Feature Cast is Likely to Be Delayed

I’ve been using my own program, flashbake, to ease keeping all the notes I write for the podcast under source control and to enrich the commit history with ambient information from my life stream. Unfortunately, as long as the requested feature has been on the to do list, I simply haven’t gotten around to figuring out how best to implement remote operations. The upshot is that I have to always remember to pull and push changes when I move from work to home and back again. You see the flaw with this plan, right?

I wasn’t finished with my notes for tomorrow’s feature but I was close. I spent a little bit of my lunch hour today getting closer, committing several hundred words, good words I don’t feel up to trying to re-write from memory. Before I left the office I failed to push those changes from the repository on my work machine to the one on my server. It is unlikely I’ll get home early enough tomorrow to finish writing, to record, and still have enough voice left to tackle a large pile of listener feedback needed to finish up this week’s feature cast episode.

The more likely schedule for the rest of the week is that I’ll fix my gaffe tomorrow and complete my notes tomorrow night. I’ll record the audio of what is likely to be a longer feature segment. Thursday night I’ll sit down to do the usual intro and outro recording as well as wading through the back log of feedback to finish the episode and get it posted.

I appreciate your patience and your understanding of how my own laziness has gotten the better of me. I am going to try to make the best of the inadvertent down time by tackling that neglected feature of flashbake. I doubt I’ll finish it or even get anywhere close, but it will make me feel better.

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  1. My solution for notes is to store them as drafts on my IMAP server. I can edit them from anywhere. For other things I use SVN and WebDAV with a network repository. I can pull stuff with just a browser. I haven’t looked into committing new versions without SVN or WebDAV because I rarely have a need to edit away from one of my machines. It should be doable.

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