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  • Wikipedia-style shared online database of metadata
    Slashdot links to Fluidinfo, an effort that likens itself to Wikipedia except for metadata about everything, rather than human readable articles. The comparison misses one very obvious mark, that Wikipedia’s content is entirely free to take back out and re-use in anyway. I suspect that if sharable, schema-less metadata was in such dire need of a solution like this (I am not convinced), a federated and open solution would be a far better way to go than committing data to some proprietary engine no matter how good hearted the start up behind it.
  • Firefox 6 is officially here
    The news it had appeared on the FTP servers early was premature. Here is the announcement direct from the lizard wranglers along with a detailed run down of everything that is new. The mozillateam PPA hasn’t updated yet so I am still waiting to try version 6 firsthand, to see how appreciable the performance improvement are in a real world situation.
  • 9 design tricks borrowed from biology
    Biomimicry is not necessarily new in engineering, even in fields outside of artificial intelligence and artificial life. All the same Danielle Venton at Wired has some excellent examples that are more recent and more compelling than most of the dated ones I’ve seen trotted out when discussing how designers and engineers borrow concepts seen in nature.
  • FCC probes San Francisco agency for disrupting cell service, Hillicon Valley at The Hill
  • Energy-harvesting displays, Technology Review
  • CyanogenMod founder to work for Samsung Mobile, The H Open

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