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  • Entanglement produced with microwave may lead to cheaper quantum computers
    EETimes reports on a demo out of NIST of one aspect thought to be key quantum computation, entanglement, effected through the application of a cheap, ubiquitous and well understood technology, microwave. Usually large, expense lasers are required to produce this same quantum phenomenon. If the result is reproduced it could lead to quantum computing rigs comparable in physical scale to desktop computers. The reduced price is going to be more interesting in the short term, allowing greater access for experimentation that will hopefully pin down more precisely what applications will benefit from quantum computation.
  • Search the world’s smartphone photos
    Slashdot links to an I Programmer piece about a fascinating bit of research. There have been several efforts to try to cobble together useful or interesting distributed computing on mobile devices. I think this is the first where the application of such is focused back on its constituent nodes. The search is entirely volunteer and many beneficial uses are cited to offset the inevitable privacy and security concerns that will arise around its use.
  • The breakthrough myth
    Clive Thompson has another excellent rumination on Wired that is well worth the read. This time he tackles the common notion of new innovations breaking through all at once, offering counter examples of innovations that were around for some time before really taking off. His point meshes well with a point Cory Doctorow has made about his own supposed predictions. Some trend being present is often not enough, novel framing or just random happenstance often has a larger role in something catching on.
  • Firefox 6 ships a little early and a peak ahead at the add on blocking feature on version 8, Slashdot
  • C++11 unanimously approved as a standard, The H Open
  • Court says college can snoop on students’ email, Techdirt
  • Survey finds a third of respondents lost without their smartphones, ReadWriteWeb

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