This Week’s Feature Cast Will Be Delayed

I just got home a few minutes ago. I was out with colleagues at a dinner to see off some of our Summer fellows. There is a seasonal cycle to non-profits here in DC. There is the core staff that is always around, working on whatever issues are at the heart of an organization or program. At the beginning of each Summer those ranks swell with interns and fellows who come in to gain experience or lend support on those issues.

Even before I started at the Open Technology Initiative at the New America Foundation, I was witness to this perennial ebb and flow. Often we’d witness the warmer months bring many of the visiting adjunct staff out to area networking events, especially to the DC CopyNight which I’ve been coordinating for a couple of years now.

This Summer was my first experience first hand with the arrival and now departure of these short term visitors. Some will come back, maybe for another season, maybe to eventually stay depending on their individual circumstance and longer term trajectory. At any rate, a bunch of us staffers had a wonderful dinner out near the office to see off some of the folks heading back to school or on to other opportunities.

So it is too late to even record the little bit of intro and outro material I had planned to go along with the Defcon audio I promised. I am hoping I can leave work a little bit early tomorrow to finish the necessary recording and get the episode out tomorrow night. I appreciate your patience.

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