Great monologue, Thomas. Interesting insights. The whole multi-posting “problem” can be tricky; I’m a little more prone to separating my content, it seems. Where content is public, I agree…might as well fling it everywhere. It’s when I get to shares that are more targeted that I sometimes vary things by service (or more precisely, by openness level. Twitter/StatusNet are of course all public; on G+ and FB I can and do use circles/lists to filter things.)

I like being able to automate what I can, of course, but until G+s API opens up, it’ll be difficult for non-public info. I’d love a tool/service where I could publish once, give it guidelines, and let it handle pushing the info to where I want it, how I want it. It’s relatively easy to do with purely public posts, but it gets trickier with FB lists (and now G+ circles to boot). But I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.