When FOSS Isn’t the Answer, Thunderbird 6 Beta, Stop the FCC from Selling Out Unlicensed Spectrum, and More

  • When FOSS isn’t the answer
    James Turner at O’Reilly Radar has a reasonable fair response to a certain line of thinking that within the FLOSS world that using proprietary software is a concession of which users should be ashamed. Despite my personal decision to lean towards free and open software as much as possible, I still tend to think an eco-system is more feasible than any kind of monoculture, even if it is one composed entirely of FOSS. I don’t agree with all of his reasoning, thinking that many cases are even a bit more complex than he makes out, but there is still good food for thought here.
  • Thunderbird 6 arrives in beta channel
    I am glad to see this news, on The H Open, that the new rapid release cycle is being pursued for Mozilla’s email and news client as well as its browser. The move to spin out Thunderbird then fold it back into main development had me a bit confused and concerned. The new version is prompted larger by an apparent shift to more closely track development of the HTML rendering engine in Firefox. Otherwise the changes in this version seem minor outside of some OS integration for Windows users.
  • Act now to stop the FCC from selling off unlicensed spectrum, stalling future wireless innovation
    Cory at BoingBoing links to a critical action alert posted by Public Knowledge. In a move positioned as helping to balance the budget, Republicans in Congress are really starving the public interest and open innovation to feed the telcos who really don’t need any more hand outs. Think seriously for a moment how simple WiFi has transformed the way you access and use the Internet. Preserving the FCC’s ability to set aside unlicensed spectrum is a fairly obvious way of fostering new uses and applications from which everyone, not just the carriers, can benefit.
  • Schneier’s take on the question of a hacker epidemic, Schneier on Security
  • Airport queuing time measured with Bluetooth, Helsinki Airport via Slashdot
  • New browser add on blocks tracking that accompanies popular social signaling buttons, The Atlantic

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