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  • Pringles can antenna turns ten
    Adam Flaherty has a nice remembrance at Make of building the first pair of serviceable antennae from Pringles cans and a handful of parts. I recall seeing the ZDTV, back when it was still that and not TechTV, run a segment on a cantenna build clearly inspired by Flaherty and Flickenger. I didn’t realize it was that long ago. I’m glad to have reason to revisit projects like these for community wireless efforts at the new day job.
  • 3D printer that prints chocolate
    The BBC has a piece about a commercial focused effort to developer a 3D printer capable of working in chocolate. The article only mentions temperature out of several variables they had to master to produce a workable printer. I would have loved a bit more detail on the challenges of working with this particular foodstuff vs. others that hobbyists have printed. All the same, the next steps sound promising, setting the printer up with a web accessible front end to allow those with a sweet tooth to customize and order to satisfy their chocolate cravings.
  • The open source car
    No, not that open source car, not the one built from the ground up on open hardware designs and open source software. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols at ZDNet’s Open Source blog has some interesting speculation for how new Linux Foundation member, Toyota, may start to make better use of open source in its cars. Not surprisingly, the focus is on in-dash systems not the core infrastructure of the car itself which will no doubt remain locked up for some time to come.
  • Laser-cut zoetropes from animated GIFs, Kickstarter via BoingBoing
  • Crowd funding sought for an open source CNC gantry router, Kickstarter via BoingBoing
  • Firefox developers locate source of bloat, The H Open

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