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  • Solar powered sand printer
    Cory at BoingBoing linked to this incredible post on Colossal about industrial designer Markus Kayser’s construction of a solar powered 3D printer that sinters sand to produce glass objects and a cam-guided, sunlight focusing cutter. I had a chance to talk to Mark Ganter of open3dp a little while ago who talked about just how versatile powder bed printing like what Kayser has done here can be. Sand adds to a long list of cheap, sustainable materials. Harnessing solar power really drives home how an advanced technology like this can be adapted entirely for local conditions, resources and uses, not relying on the usual infrastructure of a developed nation.
  • Technological superstition
    Kevin Kelly wrote another thoughtful piece on The Technium, this time about a topic aspects of which I’ve pondered, that of technological superstition. He generalizes well beyond the mystical thinking of programmers to consider the reasons for special reverence for technological objects that overlaps with historical and cultural causes for this sort of reasoning, mostly around provenance and emotional significance. I had hoped he’d dig a bit deeper into how the perception of technology as a black box amplifies this phenomenon.
  • Algorithm for solving Rubik’s Cube of any size, New Scientist via Slashdot
  • BitTorrent chat explained, BitTorrent blog via Slashdot
  • MUD creator critical of just how fun social games are, Gamasutra via Slashdot
  • BitTorrent turns 10, TorrentFreak

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