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  • Guide to your digital rights
    EFF has published a helpful guide that works through several scenarios involving the gadgets we all increasingly carry and the ever growing amount of personal information stored within them. Even for those of us who follow the case law closely, this is a confusing space. Having a document like this and its companion one page summary is intensely valuable in knowing what you can and cannot do in the face of a grab for your personal technology.
  • Nina Paley’s latest “Minute Meme”
    This time out, Nina address the importance of correct attribution. The series has also kind of come full circle with Mimi and Eunice, who sort of spun out of the Flescher-like bunnies in the first video featuring in this latest one. The video once again features the wonderful vocal stylings of Bliss Blood. The accompanying blog post comprehensively gives credit to everyone even indirectly involved with the video as a way of further pursuing the benefits and bounds of proper attribution and when it fails, or plagiarism.
  • Mozilla defends its update policy against critics from the enterprise world
    Peter Bright at Ars Technica explains the back and forth this week initiated by both the rapid run up to Firefox 5 and the end of life announcement of version 4 hot on its heels. The one-two punch isn’t sitting well with enterprises which, as Bright further explains, bear an additional burden of testing in house apps and meeting more stringent policies around updates than the typical user. Mozilla’s response makes it very apparent that it is the every day user that tops their priority list. That has served them well so far and to be fair it leaves room for more commercially focused browsers to serve the enterprise.
  • Hackers penetrate network using a hacked mouse, The Register
  • What Alan Turing did for this PhD thesis, Shtetl-Optimized
  • Are fake geeks dooming the real ones?, Esquire via Slashdot
  • Facebook blocks KDE photo app, deletes user photos, NetworkWorld via Slashdot

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