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  • Internet Archive to offer all videos via HTML5
    Audrey Watters at ReadWriteWeb explains that the Archive is rolling out Kaltura’s open source video platform to serve as a front end for their media. They’ve experimented with HTML5 video before now but you had to check a box that set a cookie that would preferentially use HTML5, if you browser supported the formats on offer, or fell back to Flash. The use of this particular technology will make the auto-detection of browser capabilities seamless and degradation across vintages more graceful.
  • MPAA, RIAA and ISPs close to striking a deal to beef up enforcement against copyright infringers
    enigmax at TorrentFreak was the first I saw with this concerning news. The graduated response to which he refers does not include disconnection as that term originally was applied. It does include what CNet in its coverage calls a menu of sanctions should a notice-and-notice approach not curb infringement. Actions against repeat infringers could range from limiting customers to white lists sites to compelling some online education similar to YouTube’s recently unveiled copyright school. The deal will be voluntary but that hardly seems a concession as undoubtedly content licensing deals will be heavily affected based on a given ISPs stance, gating access to lucrative deals based on some infringement quid pro quo.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog turns 20
    The BBC has a good retrospective on Sega’s spiky blue mascot from the days of its 16-bit consoles. I have many fond memories of Sonic and other titles on my Genesis, the first major electronics purchase I made on my own with my own money as a young teen. I love that the long life of the franchise has seen it introduced to my own kids, especially the emulated original versions legitimately available on the Wii console. They enjoy the 16-bit vintage as much if not more than the later fully 3D incarnations.
  • Lawmaker wants 4G carriers to discloser throttling and speed, Ars Technica
  • Remembering Alan Turing on his 99th birthday, thinq via Slashdot
  • Model net neutrality for municipalities, Envision Seattle via BoingBoing

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